Singers in Speedos: Country, Pop, Rockstars, R&B Artists Wearing Swimsuits

Singers Wearing Speedos. When we were writing the post on shirtless country singers, we were delightfully surprised when we came across the above photo of American Idol judge and country star Keith Urban wearing a Speedo. It made us wonder whether there are other singers out there who rocked their Speedo swimsuits.

singers in speedos keith urban

Turns out that Mr. Nicole Kidman isn’t the only Speedo-wearing musician out there. Check out the others.

A young George Michael rocks his white Speedo swimsuit. If you can find a more recent Speedo photo of this multi-talented musician who managed to make a mark in several genres then do send it to us. We’re betting he’s still gonna rock his banana hammock even if he’s older.

singers in speedos george michael

David Hasselhoff is also a singer, right? Of course he is! In fact he is an international singer who has number one hits in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other parts of German-speaking Europe.

David Hasselhoff wearing blue speedo

Popstar Justin Timberlake wore a Speedo in The Love Guru. Here’s a still photo from the movie. After a musical hiatus to focus on his acting, the 32-year-old hottie revived his music career this year with The 20/20 Experience released last March and which debuted at number one with over 980,000 copies sold. Way to go, Justin!

singers in speedos justin timberlake

British soul and R&B singer/songwriter Seal (full name: Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel) impressed internetizens with his red Speedo. Heidi Klum’s ex is currently busy in Australia where he is one of the judges/mentors on The Voice Australia.

seal speedo red

Rock star and humanitarian Sting (full name: Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) wore this teeny-weeny Speedo when he was younger. Niice, huh?


Tom Jones’ workout Speedo suit is even teenier.


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