Shirtless Cyclists: Bicycle Racer Kings of the Road

Shirtless Male Cyclists: Bicycle Kings of the Road. If we were the King of the World, we would issue a decree requiring male cyclists to have shirtless photos or portraits before they can compete in a race. Why do we want to do these? Because we want said shirtless images to eventually displace the images of Lance “Cheating Douchebag” Armstrong from internet search results. We’re kind of frustrated that nowadays, if one googles “shirtless cyclist” the photos of the grinning one-balled devil who destroyed the lives of other cyclists are the ones that come up on top. Yaiiks.

Anyhoo, let’s continue blogging about shirtless athletes and this time let’s check out some 20 pro male athletes with their shirts off. [Want more shirtless sports hunks? Go read our post on Shirtless Cricket Players.] First in our list is Australian cyclist Baden Cooke.

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Shirtless Guys Riding Horses: Equestrian Hunks on Horseback

Shirtless Guys Riding Horses: Equestrian Hunks on Horseback. Is there anything more masculine than a shirtless man riding a horse? We can’t think of any, can you? What does the image of the shirtless horse-riding guy above tell you? To us it says, “I am confident enough in my body to go shirtless. And I’m badass enough to control this horse!” Can you think of a picture that conveys both a sense of body-confidence and the ability to control (with finesse) a being as wise/wild/unpredictable as a horse?

shirtless alain delon

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