Shirtless Cyclists: Bicycle Racer Kings of the Road

Shirtless Male Cyclists: Bicycle Kings of the Road. If we were the King of the World, we would issue a decree requiring male cyclists to have shirtless photos or portraits before they can compete in a race. Why do we want to do these? Because we want said shirtless images to eventually displace the images of Lance “Cheating Douchebag” Armstrong from internet search results. We’re kind of frustrated that nowadays, if one googles “shirtless cyclist” the photos of the grinning one-balled devil who destroyed the lives of other cyclists are the ones that come up on top. Yaiiks.

Anyhoo, let’s continue blogging about shirtless athletes and this time let’s check out some 20 pro male athletes with their shirts off. [Want more shirtless sports hunks? Go read our post on Shirtless Cricket Players.] First in our list is Australian cyclist Baden Cooke.

baden cooke sexy aussie cyclist shirtless

From Switzerland, we bring you Fabian Cancellara.

Fabian Cancellara shirtless swiss cyclist

Italian racer Filippo Pozzato removed all his clothes for the photoshoot below but, unfortunately, we had to crop out the rest of the image lest our Grandmama Pim (who claims she reads this side) is scandalized by Filippo’s nekkidness.

Filippo Pozzato shirtless cyclist - no clothes

Luxembourgish professional road bicycle racer Frank Schleck and Tour de France winner Alberto Contador go swimming together. Is there a bromance going on between these two?

Frank Schleck and Alberto Contador shirtless cyclists

British cyclist Gee Atherton focuses on downhill and four cross mountain bike racing. He won a gold medal at the 2008 Val Di Sol World Championships for the downhill event.

Ahh George Hincapie. Was he a victim or an accomplice of Armstrong’s dastardly schemes?


As in the case of Filippo above, we had to crop out Greg van Avermaet‘s naughty bits so as not to scandalize Grandmama Pim. Ain’t he a cutie?

Greg van Avermaet - shirtless belgian cyclist2

Does Dutch cyclist Kai Reus need some time at the beach. He looks like what our friend Kevin calls “vampire white”. You need more sunshine, Mr. Reus.

Kai Reus shirtless pro cyclist

Italian hunk Mario Cipollini, gold medalist of the 2002 Zolder/Hasselt UCI World Championships, takes care of his “sunshine needs” by biking shirtless. That’s the way to do it, honey!

Mario Cipollini shirtless2