Shirtless College Footballers: Georgia Tech, Duke, Tennessee Vols

Shirtless College Footballers. Okay Famewatchers, this post is for those of you who love college football jocks. These shirtless guys are from the football team of the Georgia Institute of Technology (commonly, Georgia Tech). Which of these guys is your favorite? Do you think some of them can out-star or out-hunk USC’s Matt Barkley?

shirtless college footballers - georgia tech

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the hunkiest of them all?

shirtless college footballers - georgia tech

Wowza! Yumza!

shirtless college footballers - georgia tech college

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More Shirtless College Footballers
03 December 2011

Want more college football players with their shirts off? Let’s have a vintage photo from back in 1997 courtesy of your idols from the Tennessee Volunteers.

shirtless college footballers - tennesse volunteers

Another photo, but this one’s more recent, from the University of Tennessee’s football team. The Tennessee Vols sure love to go shirtless, don’t they? Not that anyone’s complaining.

shirtless college footballers - tennessee volunteer football players

Not to be outdone, the Duke University football team aka the Duke Blue Devils also posed for shirtless pics. Check it out. This one’s from 2009.

shirtless college footballers - duke university blue devils

Now, Yale University may be known more for its …. well, anything but football but Yale isn’t lacking in football players willing to chuck off their shirts and pose for photos.

Here’s Yale tight end Beau Palin (who is not in any way related to that crazy Alaska lady) who beats the much beefier college guys above because he’s wearing nothing but a Stars and Stripes Speedo swimsuit.

shirtless college footballers - beau palin

Speaking of swimsuits, here’s the Stanford University men’s swimming team (2009) posing in their red swimsuits. So sexy. Want more men in Red Speedo Swimsuits? Then click the preceding link.

shirtless college footballers - stanford university

From across the pond, we can’t find any shirtless football players (or shirtless college swimmers for that matter) but we did find these shirtless college jocks featured in the U.K. edition of Playgirl Magazine. This magazine is dead in the U.S. right?

shirtless college footballers - british university hunks

Here’s one of the guys. The magazine should consider coming up with calendars featuring hot British college hunks like this one. You know, a-la rugby’s Dieux Du Stade calendars.

british college hunks playgirl

By the way, the British version must have been inspired by this American Playgirl magazine from years back featuring hunky shirtless college guys.

college hunks vintage

Shirtless College Footballers originally published 18 September 2010. Updated 04 March 2017.