Shirtless Basketball Players: 23 Hot NBA Stars Take Off Their Shirts

Hah. Looks like King James aka LeBron James of the Miami Heat is too caught up listening to his ear phone that he failed to notice that his basketball shorts is falling down. Either that or he’s simply going for the low-rise style.

lebron james showing underwear

This shirtless photo of a 17-year-old LeBron James shirtless in an Ohio cornfield is too intriguing to not share. What is he doing here? We’d like to think that he just watched the “build it and they will come” movie of Kevin Costner and the young LeBron is checking out whether someone built a basketball court in the cornfield. [Update: We’re told the movie we’re referring to is Field of Dreams.]

young lebron james shirtless in ohio cornfield

Next in our list of shirtless basketball players is Ashton Kutcher lookalike Kyle Korver. The shooting guard for the Atlanta Hawks went shirtless in this locker room interview.

If you can’t watch, here’s a still photo of a shirtless Kyle we snapped from the video.

kyle korver shirtless nba player

Turkish basketball hottie Mehmet Okur goes shirtless on the beach with a girl who may be his wife or girlfriend. Now retired, the center/power forward last played for the New Jersey Jets.

mehmet okur shirtless with gf or wife

Next in our list of shirtless basketball players is 27-year-old point guard Rajon Rondo who is seen here working out shirtless at the Boston Celtics gym.


Here’s a self-pic of Metta World Peace aka Ronald William Artest, Jr which scandalized the internetz in 2011. What’s scandalicious about this photo? Well, we actually cropped the part which is likely to offend our grandmama. Hehe.

ron artest shirtless metta world peace

Another Olympian who is justifiably proud of his London 2012 gold medal is Russell Westbrook, point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunders.


Here’s an interesting shirtless photo of Serge Ibaka, power forward for the Oklahoma City Thunders.

Serge Ibaka shirtless basketball players

Dwight Howard, center for the Los Angeles Lakers looks like a tall tower in the pic below. For the record, he’s got the same height as Amare Stoudemire, 6’11”.

shirtless basketball players nba - dwight howard

Jeremy Lin, point guard for the Houston Rockets, apparently does not wear a shirt when he goes to bed.

shirtless basketball players nba - jeremy lin

Ray Allen, shooting guard for the Miami Heat, plays basketball with his shirt off.

shirtless nba players - ray allen

Okay, let’s end this post with this very modelesque photo of forward Wally Szczerbiak. Now retired, Wally last played on the NBA with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wally Szczerbiak Shirtless basketball hunk

Do you have a favorite among the above shirtless basketball players? Tell us in the comments and watch out for Part II of our series on Shirtless Basketball Players.

Shirtless Basketball Players of the NBA: Hot Cagers Go Topless. Posted 8 June 2013.