Sexy Older Men: Idris Elba Takers Underwear Bedroom Scene

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A few weeks ago netizens went abuzzin’ when photos of Idris Elba, supposedly showing an impressive anaconda snaking down the British actor’s trousers, spread around the internets. The buzz was so deafening the man himself had to issue a statement to cool things down. He also explained that the thing people mistook for his thing is actually a microphone wire which he had to wear when shooting.

The New York Daily News tells us more about how things went down:

A photograph of the actor on set of his new movie “A Hundred Streets” showed what many social media users and bloggers thought to be the actor’s impressive package on display – but upon hearing about the excitement Elba, 41, clarified that it was merely a microphone wire commanding all the attention below his belt.

“The good news is I got a s–t load of followers,” he tweeted Saturday. “The bad news is, that is a mic wire.”

“Calvin Klein called my mobile, they want me in their next campaign,” he added, joking. “Foot long john’s Coming Winter 2014.”

Idris Elba Takers Underwear Scene. Still, just because the thing was a mic wire does not mean that our man is not gifted with an impressive package. Those of you who watch this bedroom scene in the 2010 movie, Takers, where our actor wears nothing but a pair of boxer briefs know that Idris is blessed down there.

Rewatch the clip if you’ve seen it before. If this is the first time you see it, well, thank us in the comments after you discover Mr. Elba’s Mr. Elba.

He Joins Our Sexy Older Men List. We are not sure if this will work but here’s the GIF version. This seals the deal for us, Idris joins our list of sexy older men who make us hot and bothered. Hahaha.

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If that ain’t a sight to behold, we don’t know what is. He ain’t called “Big Dris” for nothing.

Idris Elba Details Photoshoot. Anyhoo, here are some shirtless photos of our man from a recent photoshoot with Details Magazine.


The guy is now in his forties, 41 to be exact, but – with his physique – he puts the 20-somethings and 30-somethings to shame.


Whattahunk! Our friend Deena describes him as “manliness personified”.


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