Sexy Nurse Halloween Costume: Celebrities as Naughty Nurses

Sexy Nurse Halloween Costume: Celebrities as Naughty Nurses. Want to be a naughty nurse in Halloween 2014? Go ahead and buy yourself a sexy nurse uniform. It is a Halloween costume that will never go out of style. To borrow the words of our friend Koosi, it is one of those costumes that is classic but, at the same time, will forever be current. No wonder Hollywood celebrities, like singing superstar Christina Aguilera, dress as nurses when they want to bring the sexy.

celebrity halloween costumes - sexy nurse - christina aguilera

Actress Bonnie Somerville dressed as a nurse in the Friends episode, The One With The Halloween Party, making Joey (Matt Leblanc) very very happy indeed. Happier than our friend Kevin when he read our post on Sexy Santa Claus Costumes.

Sexy Nurse Halloween Costume bonnie somerville

Actress/model/web personality Coco Austin attends a Halloween event as a sexy nurse who needs no breast enhancement. Just saying! Her husband Ice T, on the other hand, is a mad scientist. Now that’s a proper pairing.

sexy nurse halloween costume - coco austin as a sexy nurse with ice t as mad scientist

A few years ago, Lindsay Lohan attended a Hollywood Halloween party as a nurse.

sexy nurse halloween costume lindsay lohan

Angela Kinsey, playing the role of uptight accountant Angela Martin in The Office, loosens up as a nurse.

angela kinsey as sexy nurse - the office - halloween costume contest

Ashley Marin as a nurse in a Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars.

sexy nurse halloween costume - ashley marin as naughty nurse - pretty little liars

Whitney Cummings in an episode of her TV show, Whitney.

whitney cummings - sexy nurse role play - costume

Who says you can’t be a naughty nurse on the rec carpet? Not actress Alana Curry.

alana curry sexy nurse halloween costume