Sexy Male Country Singers: Josh Turner, Hairy Hunk

Sexy Male Country Singers: Josh Turner, Hairy Hunk. If you are a fan of country music and of men with chest hair then you, like our good friend Deena, would be going, “Mmmm. Yowza!” when you see this photos of American country singer Josh Turner. You shouldn’t be saying it loud though in case his wife, Jennifer, hears you and kicks your behind for hitting on her man.

sexy male country singers josh turner

And, get this, we will be cheering for her too. Hehe. Also, Josh is a devout Christian so don’t you dare lead him astray.

josh turner hot country singer

Josh Turner, for those of you who are not familiar with the country music genre, is the voice and the brains behind hit songs like Long Black Train, Your Man, and Would You Go With Me. In 2007, he was inducted to the Grand Ole Opry where he is the second youngest member after Carrie Underwood.

So far, he has bagged a total of six awards from the Inspirational Country Music Awards from 2004 to 2006. He’s also been nominated for the Grammys, the Country Music Awards, and the Academy of Country Music. He still has to get himself a Grammy but we’re hoping he’ll get one of them gramophone trophies in the future.

josh turner sexy chest hair

Now, those of you who are googling “Josh Turner shirtless” will have to content yourself with this. For some reason, this picture comes up when we type in Josh Turner shirtless on Google Image. We’re guessing that wearing a badass Cyclopean sunglass is the same as shirtlessness in a future world ruled by the Gods of Google.

josh turner shirtless

Another photo churned out by Google is this one. You know of course that this is American Idol winner Kris Allen. Maybe this is Google’s way of telling us that Kris is the long lost twin of Josh Turner? They don’t look alike at all so let’s just say that they’re non-identical (fraternal) twins.

sexy male country singer

Update: We still can’t find any Josh Turner shirtless photo but these shirtless country singers should be of interest to you. Meantime, here are some fab photos of our Josh.

josh turner hot

Awww! Josh doing his daddy duties.

josh turner daddy

Sexy Male Country Singers: Josh Turner, Hairy Hunk. Posted 2 October 2009.