Hot Construction Worker-Turned-Model 2015: Matthew Noszka

Hot Construction Worker is Now a Model. It’s time we feature another hot construction worker and, for this post, let’s focus on a young gorgeous guy named Matthew Noszka who was doing construction work one day and was modeling in runway shows the next. How cool is that? Check out this hunky Pittsburgh native at a construction site with his dad:

hot construction worker - Matthew Noszka

So how did Matthew turn from a hot construction worker to a model? Well, some agent from Wilhelmina saw the above photo on Matthew’s Instagram account and signed him up as a model. How cool is that? Matthew himself shared the story on how he became a model in an article for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

I had never done any modeling, but I was thinking about going to a local agency in Pittsburg. I didn’t really think that I was going to be a big model, I just thought I could make a little extra money on the side modeling for Dick’s Sporting Goods or something. Then Luke reached out to me through Instagram. I didn’t believe it at first. I was actually very shocked. I showed my mom and she didn’t believe it either, but I went on Luke’s Instagram account and saw that he had Wilhelmina in his profile. I didn’t really know too much about Wilhelmina but my mom told me the winner of America’s Next Top Model got a Wilhelmina contract, so obviously it was a huge agency.

Good thing Matthew didn’t join Tyra’s ANTM, no? [Want more construction workers who became famous? Check out our post on Celebrity Construction Workers.]

After signing up with Wilhelmina, he was booked to do shows at the New York Fashion Week. Check him out rocking the runway for 2xist Underwear.

hot construction worker - Matthew Noszka - 2xist runway - ny fashion week

One of Matthew’s first modeling photos (by Leonardo Corredor) when he went to New York to try his luck at modeling.

constuction hunk 2015 - Matthew Noszka - boxer shorts