Seven Athletes in Jockstraps: Football + Cricket Stars + Actor

Athletes Jockstraps List. Last week we talked about some of the cool Jockstrap Underwear in 2014 which you might want to wear whether you are playing football or hockey, or cycling a-la Lance Armstrong (ewwww!), or putting on a pair simply because you want to feel sexy. This time, let’s check out some famous male athletes and their jockstraps.

First up is our imaginary football boyfriend, the gorgeous Chris Long of the St. Louis Rams. You can thank his sweat and its “de-invisibility” properties for giving us a glimpse of the multi-awarded defensive end’s jockstraps.

chris long visible jockstrap

Next up in our athletes jockstraps list is linebacker Connor Barwin of the Philadelphia Eagles who tweeted (or instagrammed) this photo to his followers. Follow him on instagram: @connorbarwin98. Looks like his jockstrap is a classic Bike, no?

football jockstrap - connorbarwin98 instagram

Another “victim” of transparent football pants is college football quarterback Jeff Driskel of the Florida Gators (University of Florida). The silver lining to this incident is that he makes it to our “prestigious” athletes jockstraps.

jeff-driskel-univ of florida jockstrap with side pads and tail pad - buy at Nike and McDavid

Want a closer look at Driskel’s blue jockstrap which some Twitter netizens apparently mistook for a thong?

jef driskel - florida quarterback jockstrap - blue thong

Speaking of hunky footballers wearing thongs, here’s Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga posing in a pair of pink thong undies.

Rey Maualuga thong underwear - linebacker for cincinnati bengals

More athletes jockstraps after the jump.