Sebastian Stan in Underwear, Military Uniform, & Shirtless Photos

Sebastian Stan Underwear, Shirtless, and Other Stuff. When was the first time you fell in love with Sebastian Stan? For us, it would be two years ago when we were watching Captain America: The First Avenger and he appeared onscreen in his military uniform. Yeah, we are suckers for hot guys in uniform. Sadly, while we were enjoying the movie, the producers (okay, the scriptwriters) had to be killjoys and had Sebastian (okay his character James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes) killed by having him fall from a cliff in some freezing Swiss mountain.

Admittedly, we don’t know if the “dead because he fell from an icy cliff” scenario happened in the comic book version but how ridiculous is that? Good thing they are bringing our Sebastian back from the dead in the next installment of the movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where he reportedly return as the Winter Soldier. Okay, kinda lame but we will be having more Sebastian so … Yay!

sebastian stan military uniform

Like us, producers love to see Sebastian in uniform because they kinda love to cast him as a soldier like in the TV series Kings where our Seb plays the role of Prince Jack Benjamin, a military officer (rank: Major) who happens to be a prince.

jack benjamin sebastian stan in kings

He also happens to be gay. He’s closeted but managed to find a boyfriend in the person of Joseph Lasile (played by Michael Arden).

sebastian stan as prince jack and michael arden as joseph lasile - gay lovers in kings

Sadly, the King disapproves of the relationship and the soldier prince must follow the King’s wishes if he wants to be crowned King someday. Or must he? We don’t know because the NBC suits, after failing to market the show correctly, cancelled it allegedly because of its expensive production cost. Heh!

Incidentally, Kings isn’t the only TV production where our Stan played a gay character. He was also gay, this time an openly gay one, in the USA Network show Political Animals. Stan, as presidential son Thomas “T.J.” Hammond, gets to kiss some dudes like Collin Baja (who played Dylan)…

sebastian stan and collin baja gay kiss political animals2

… and David Monahan (who played the role of Congressman Sean Reeves).

sebastian stan gay kiss with david monahan in politcal animals

Check out some Sebastian Stan Underwear photos after the jump.