Scottish Men Wearing Kilts: 16 Famous Celebrities Dressed to Kilt

Scottish Men Wearing Kilts. The last time we blogged about him, Ewan McGregor was kissing Jim Carey. Now let’s have the hottest man of Scotland in all his kilt-wearing glory.

scottish men wearing kilts - ewan mcgregor

Anyways, know what, we think the number of tourists in Scotland will rise to the stratosphere if their tourist bureau will feature a kilt-wearing Ewan McGregor in their advertising campaigns. You agree right? Of course, you should! After all, Scotland isn’t all about Nessie, JK Rowling, castles with ghosts, and guys dressed as Barbie.

Hmmm. Is the next photo below of a shirtless Ewan in kilt real or a photoshopped image?

scottish men wearing kilts - ewan mcgregor2

hot scottish men wearing kilt - ewan mcgregor

scottish men wearing kilt - sexy ewan mcgregor

More Scottish Men Wearing Kilts

You want more famous Scottish male celebrities dressed in kilt, don’t you? Of course you do. Everybody does! Our friend Kevin does! Deena does! And all of us here at Famewatcher do! So we decided to update this post to give you more Scottish hunks in their fab kilts.

We begin with our favorite and the best late night show host, the funny and talented Craig Ferguson. Yeah wave it, baby!

scottish men wearing kilts - craig ferguson

Since we began with Craig, we might as well continue with another Hollywood-based Scotsman who often guests on Craig’s television show. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Gerard Butler. [You can actually see more of him wearing kilt in our post Hot Shirtless Gerard Butler.]

sexy scottish men wearing kilts - gerard butler

Another Ferguson who obviously also loves him his kilt is retired football star Duncan Ferguson. Check out these weird photo of the footballer wearing a kilt on the pitch. Is this photo for real? Where did his other leg go?

footballer in kilt - duncan ferguson

Like their football counterparts, Scottish rugby players also love them their kilts. For instance, here’s rugby star Thom Evans at the 2010 Dressed to Kilt fashion show in NYC looking every inch a model on the runway.

hot men in kilt - thom evans

A year later, Thom was again at the 2011 Dressed to Kilt show with fellow rugby player, Richie Gray. By the way, our friend Kevin says Thom tops his list of the Hottest Scottish Men Wearing Kilts.

scotsmen wearing kilt - thom evans richie gray

More sexy and hot Scottish men wearing kilts after the jump.