Scott Wolf Shirtless Photos: Michael J Fox Lookalike?

We were channel surfing when we came across an interview on The Talk with a guy who we thought was Michael J. Fox so we’re like, “Wow. We’re so happy Michael J. Fox is doing well. He seems to have found not only The Cure but something like an elixir of youth because he looks much younger now, like a man in his 30s.”

But then we were confused when the ladies of the Talk kept referring to him as Scott this and Scott that. Since we caught only the latter part of the interview and didn’t see when the guy was introduced we went, “Who the eff is this Scott guy who stole Michael J. Fox’s face?” Turns out that the guy is Scott Wolf. Turns out too that he’s been in the biz since the 1990s and got his big break in the critically acclaimed TV show, Party of Five.

scott wolf michael j fox lookalike - then and now

Anyhoo, we’re not the only ones who confuse Scott Wolf and Michael J. Fox or who think that they resemble each other. In fact, the question “Are Scott Wolf and Michael J Fox related?” comes up so often on Google that the Google gods automatically suggest it.

There’s no indication that the two are related; if they are their IMDB and wiki profiles would have mentioned it. But, who knows, if one of them do Lisa Kudrow’s ancestry show, “Who Do You Think You Are?” maybe we will discover a link between them 50-100 years ago. But come to think of it, aren’t wolves and foxes kinda related?

Here are side by side photos of Scott and Michael J. Can you tell who is who?


Above image combo is from while the one below is from

michael j fox looks like scott wolf

Scott Wolf Shirtless & Underwear Photos. Want some shirtless and underwear photos of Scott? Here are pics from the 1996 comedy drama, The Evening Star.

scott wolf evening star underwear

Huh! What is Scott doing in those pictures? It’s like he is auditioning as an ANTM male model? Nah, he is just trying to prove to his gal, played by Juliette Lewis, that he can be be like those glamorous male models you see in women’s magazines. We can’t say he’s not successful in his attempt because look at the pic below.

scott wolf underwear

McKayla is impressed!!! Anyhoo, we almost forgot to mention that the reason Scott was on The Talk was to promote the TV crime drama, Perception, where he is one of the new cast members. Speaking of Perception cast members, go check out our post on Eric McCormack’s Underwear & Shirtless Photos.