Ryan Kwanten Underwear: Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs and Boxer Shorts

Ryan Kwanten Underwear: Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs and Boxer Shorts. We’ve seen him in his faded blue Mavi jeans, now let’s check out True Blood actor Ryan Kwanten in his Calvin Klein underwear. Okay, we gotta admit that we’re not 100% sure that picture above is not photoshopped (notice that the head is kinda small for the neck) but we’re pretty sure that the photo below is the real thing.

ryan kwanten underwear

Ryan rests in bed in a pair of plaid boxer shorts.

ryan kwanten underwear boxer shorts

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Update: Another pic of Ryan in his Calvin Klein underwear.


Ryan Kwanten Underwear True Blood: Video and Photos
10 August 2011

Hot damn. We can’t believe we missed this on our TV but thank heavens for Youtube so that those of us who didn’t see Ryan Kwanten (as Jason Stackhouse) dancing in his bulging tight underwear will have the chance to watch him. Of course, some of you who already this particular episode on True Blood might want to watch this particular segment again… and again… and again. Can’t say we blame you because really its a hot video.

Now, watching the video is awesome because we’re seeing Ryan in action. But some of you (including us actually) might want to see the still photos, right? We’ve got that covered too with these pics that is likely to get excited.

Can you tell if that tight briefs he’s wearing is a Calvin Klein?

Note: Some photos referred to in this post have been moved to our Male Celebrity Underwear gallery. They are too raunchy for this site. Hehe. Anyhoo, check out more Ryan undies in Male Celebrities in Calvin Klein Underwear.

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