Ryan Kwanten Style Watch: Mavi Jeans, DKNY Suit, and MTM Patriot Watch

Ryan Kwanten Style Watch: Mavi Jeans, DKNY Suit, and MTM Patriot Watch. Want more best men’s jeans? Check out this slightly faded blue Mavi jeans on True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten. He’s looking good in it, no?

ryan kwanten style

We love his black coat and black shirt too. This guy is really sexy and a sharp dresser, isn’t he?

ryan kwanten jeans

ryan kwanten mavi jeans


Ryan Kwanten Style Watch: His Suits (13 November 2011). So we know that this True Blood hunk wants him his Mavi jeans, what about his picks when it comes to the kind of suit he wears. Well, he was seen wearing a DKNY suit during a season premiere of the HBO hit.

ryan kwanten style dkny suit

Meanwhile, in a photoshoot for GQ Magazine with his fellow sexy co-stars Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard, our Ryan wore a British label, Topman.

ryan kwanten style topman suit

For jackets, Ryan went for a hoodie in the pic below. Specifically, he’s wearing an American Apparel Unisex Salt and Pepper Zip Hoody.

ryan kwanten style hoodie

By the way, before we forget, you should check out Ryan Kwanten’s Underwear, okay. Apparently, he loves him his Calvin Kleins. When it comes to shoes, he also loves him his Creative Recreation Cesario XVI Sneakers. Funny photo, no? Goes to show that celebrities are just like us; they can go crazy playing a PlayStation too.

ryan kwanten style sneakers

What brand of sunglasses does our Ryan wear? We’re not surprised to find out that he, like many other Hollywood celebs, wear RayBan Aviator 3025 glasses. Nice shirtless, Ryan.

ryan kwanten style rayban

Finally, here’s our curly-haired imaginary TV boyfriend wearing a tight athletic shirt.

ryan kwanten style mtm watch

Oh wait, what’s that big watch he’s wearing? It’s an MTM Special Ops Camouflage Patriot Watch, a tough, dependable, rugged, and specialized military watch reportedly designed to “supersede military standards and will complement future warriors and military forces worldwide in the 21st century”. Nice, huh?

Ryan Kwanten Style Watch: Mavi Jeans, DKNY Suit, and MTM Patriot Watch. Posted 26 February 2010.