Russell Crowe Underwear and Shirtless Photos

What is Kiwi/Aussie hunk Russell Crowe doing these days? Well, according to the Washington Post, he is Twitter-spamming the Pope to promote his upcoming biblical epic/apocalyptic movie, Noah. The Oscar-winning actor is kinda busy this year because he is directing (and starring in) a movie called The Water Diviner. And he also starred in a recently released film called Winter’s Tale which is a silly movie about a flying horse and a seemingly immortal man. We watched it and, yeah, we’re as unimpressed with it as McKayla Maroney.

russell crowe young man in boxer shorts

Russell Crowe in a Gay Role. We’ve always like Russell but we like him even more when we discovered that he portrayed a gay character back in 1994 for the movie, The Sum of Us. At that time, actors were afraid to touch a script that asks them to be homosexuals. Much has been said about the bravery of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger playing the role of gay cowboys, it turns out that Russell was way ahead of them in The Sum of Us where he locked lips with John Polson.

Russell Crowe and John Polson gay kiss in the sum of us2

Here’s a portrait of a young Russell Crowe in the role of a gay dude in The Sum of Us.

russell crowe handsome young man - sum of us

Russell in Various States of Undress. Our Kiwi actor reportedly went au naturel riding this horse in the movie, Hammers Over the Anvil.

russell crowe riding horse - hammer over the anvil

He also goes nekkid as Terry Thorne in Proof of Life where he co-starred with America’s sweetheart, Meg Ryan.

russell crowe naked - terry thorne in proof of life

We don’t recommend drinking and taking a bath because you might end up drowning yourself when you get drunk.

russell crowe sexy hunk in bath

Russell Underwear Photos. Our Russell is seen wearing a tighty whitie in one of his earlier films, the multi-awarded 1992 movie Romper Stomper about a group of skinheads. [For another actor in tighty whities, check out our post on Evan Peters’ Underwear.]

russell crowe underwear - tight white briefs in romper stomper2

Screencaps of Russell from The Sum of Us.

russell crowe underwear sexy photos

Let’s end this post with this fan-made image of a loincloth-clad Russell Crowe as an Angel of Love.


By the way, for those of you who are wondering, Russell is reportedly dating his Les Miserables co-star Samantha Barks. Yay! Good for them. We wish them well in their relationship.

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