George Horga Jr: The Voice Audition – Shirtless Hunk – Girlfriend

George Horga Jr: The Voice Audition – Shirtless Hunk – Girlfriend. Thank heavens for Ceelo Green for ensuring that we will see more of George Horga Jr. Yay. Is he Season Five’s Dez Duron (aka Cute Hunk Who Can Sing)? We’re not ready to make a declaration yet but we’re hoping George will go all the way to the live rounds. His audition did not wow us but his original song below, Gone, is really good and worth listening to.

Check it out.

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Alin Moldoveanu: Romanian Olympic Hottie is a Sharp Shooter

Alin Moldoveanu: Hot Romanian Olympic Gold Medalist is a Sharp Shooter. If Emanuel Silva and Fernando Pimenta are the saviors of Portugal in the 2012 London Olympic Games, then Alin Moldoveanu is one of the saviors of Romania in the said Games.

Well, actually, Romania didn’t need a lot of saving in the last Olympic Games considering the fact that its delegation brought home a total of nine medals which includes two golds one of which was won by Alin Moldoveanu. This medal tally placed Romania in 27th place which is a pretty good place for a country with only 19 million people.

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Adrian Zmed Shirtless, Speedo, Underwear: Romanian-American Actor

Adrian Zmed Shirtless, Speedo, Underwear: Romanian-American Actor. Famewatchers, check out Romanian-American actor Adrian Zmed in his old-style Speedo swimsuit. Is he the Hugh Jackman of his generation. He may not be as big a star as the Australian actor but he sure looks Jackmaniac: big hair, muscled body, and a willingness to show some skin. It is also worth noting that Adrian got him some nice ab muscles which is interesting because male physical fitness during his time didn’t emphasize having ab muscles, six-packs, and the things fitness enthusiasts are now obsessing about.

adrian zmed actor in speedo

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