Ripped Jeans and Leather Jacket: Angelo Garcia, Gay Latino Hunk

Ripped Jeans and Leather Jacket: Angelo Garcia, Gay Latino Hunk. Who’s the guy wearing ripped jeans? The guy’s name is Angelo Garcia. He is a Latino singer turned-bodybuilder who is probably best known for being the youngest member of the 1980s Latino boyband, Menudo.

He used to be pals with Ricky Martin when they were younger but, as it happens, they grew up and went there separate ways.

ripped jeans and leather jacket

Here’s what he says about Ricky in an interview with Towleroad:


Towleroad: Would you like to reconnect with Ricky Martin?
Angelo Garcia: At this point, I am indifferent. He has not been there for me in a very long time and at this point I wouldn’t even consider him an acquaintance. Time has passed and his life took him in a different direction. I will always be connected to him because of the HUGE experience we shared. I recorded three albums with Menudo, two of which were with him, so we have that bond—but that’s as far as it goes.


Angelo, like Ricky Martin, also came out of the closet and declared that he is a happy gay man who loves body building. Or something like that.

Now this is the kind of body builder we like. He’s got awesome but not very bulky muscles.

angelo garcia gay

We also like his black leather jacket.

angelo garcia menudo

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