Mens Ripped Jeans: Hot or Not? In or Out? Good or Bad? Time to confess, Famewatchers. When you were in your teens (maybe in your 20s too), who among you ripped your fairly new jeans because you thought it will make you look cool and cute? We’re guessing we all did it at least one time, no? Now, if you are still a teenager or in your early 20s and has never done some jeans-tearing, we are giving you permission to go rip a pair of your jeans. But don’t over-rip it. The rip in the cute guy’s pants in the photo below is about right so use this as an example.

mens ripped jeans hot or not

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Best Mens Jeans. What’s the latest trend when it comes to men’s jeans? Well, according to our friend Kevin — who is more attuned to fashion much more than us — this year’s trend is the previous year’s trend which is the same trend for the past 5-10 years. In other words, when it comes to jeans, not much have changed.

Men still love them their skinny jeans, their ripped jeans, their fit jeans, their pre-faded jeans, and their classic blue. Everything is the same old, same old. So its no wonder that designers and denim labels continue to churn the same old, same old in 2015. And, because some fashion trends never go out of style, they will continue to do so in the future.

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