Mens Ripped Jeans: Hot or Not? In or Out? Good or Bad?

MENS RIPPED JEANS. Time to confess, Famewatchers. When you were in your teens (maybe in your 20s too), who among you ripped your fairly new jeans because you thought it will make you look cool and cute? We’re guessing we all did it at least once, no? Now, if you are still a teenager or in your early 20s and has never done some jeans-tearing, we are giving you permission to go rip a pair of your jeans. But don’t over-rip it. The rip in the cute guy’s pants in the photo above is about right so use that as an example.
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Distressed Jeans for Women: Female Celebrities Wearing Ripped Jeans

Distressed Jeans for Women: Top Celebrity Ripped Designer Jeans. Are distressed jeans still in style? Of course it is. Ripped or torn jeans tops our list of “I don’t care about fashion” fashion which will always be in style. And, why not? Distressed jeans make a strong statement. It gives the impression that a gal […]
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Replay Jeans for Men: Male Models Marcus Hedbrandh and Vinnie Woolston

replay jeans for men

Replay Jeans for Men: Male Models Marcus Hedbrandh and Vinnie Woolston. Want more Italian jeans? Well, what do you think of these Replay Denim jeans on Swedish male model Marcus Hedbrandh? Replay is an Italian brand established as far back as the 1970s. It has stores all over Europe and is now trying to penetrate the American and Asian markets.
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