Jake Owen Shirtless. What kind of underwear does our country singer like to wear? Apparently, he does not wear any! Yup. Our country hunk is a freeballer which is why some of his fans saw Little Jake when he ripped his jeans during a concert performance.Read More →

Distressed Jeans 2013: Top Celebrity Ripped Designer Jeans. Are distressed jeans still in style in 2013. Of course it is. Ripped or torn jeans tops our list of “I don’t care about fashion” fashion which will always be in style. And, why not? Distressed jeans make a strong statement. It gives the impression that a gal is rough, is tough, and is really to rumble. No wonder top designers keep on making them. So which designer brands included ripped jeans in their collections for 2013? We can count two at the moment — Mango and Just Cavalli. But there may be other labels we missed.Read More →