Rihanna Jeans Style and Brand Watch: Levis, J Brand Leggings

Rihanna Jeans Style and Brand Watch: J Brand Leggings. You gotta give props to Rihanna for knowing how to attract attention. With her torn skinny denim jeans, loud body-hugging shirt, and red hair — copied from our favorite American Idol girl contestant Allison Iraheta? — Rihanna sure is a sight to behold.

rihanna skinny jeans

What do you think of Rihanna’s skinny and distressed. Too bad we do not know the brand of her outfit.


Rihanna’s Jean Shorts or Jorts: Female Celebrity Fashion Watch
27 May 2010


While touring Europe, Rihanna brings back the jean shorts aka jorts back to our fashion consciousness and the public eye. What do you think of Rihanna’s jean shorts? Better than either Kate Moss’s jean shorts or Jennifer Lopez’s short short jeans?


Rihanna Jeans Fashion Style: J Brand Denim Leggings
26 November 2010

rihanna jeans style jbrand

We still haven’t heard much of Rihanna’s music so we don’t know whether we like it or not but we are liking her fierce red hair. It looks fabulous on her to be sure. The same may be said about her J Brand denim leggings (the same brand worn by Anna Kournikova.

By the by, would you know if Rihanna’s long hair is the real deal or is that a wig she’s wearing?

rihanna jeans j brand denims

Want more female celebrity jeans? Check out our post on Victoria Beckham Jeans and tell us who between Victoria and Rihanna is winning a jeans style contest.


Urban Renewal Denim Shorts: Rihanna Fashion Style
27 November 2010

celebrities wearing urban renewal levis denim shorts

Want more Rihanna fashion style? Well, here’s the world-famous singer walking the streets in her Urban Renewal Levis Denim shorts. Walking the streets, huh? Did we make that sound like she’s a hooker or something? We didn’t mean that of course but her short short outfit isn’t helping. Hehe.

Anyways, what do you think of Rihanna’s short shorts?

rihanna jeans levis urban renewal

rihanna jeans levis shorts

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