Richard Kahui Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo Photos

Richard Kahui Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo Photos. Who’s the hottie in the pic above? If you have to ask, you are clearly not a fan of rugby because you would have known that the hot hunk is no other than Richard Kahui, a rugby union footballer who plays for The Chiefs as well as for the New Zealand All Blacks which he helped to win the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

richard kahui all blacks

Is Richard married? Hah! We know you will ask that question! He is not married but don’t get your hopes up because he is very much engaged. According to the New Zealand Herald, our rugby hunk recently popped the “will you marry me” question to Amy Rhodes, a teacher from Sydney. She, of course, answered in the affirmative and has, in fact, moved from Australia to Hamilton, Zealand where our rugby heartthrob plays rugby. Here’s a photo of the betrothed couple. They haven’t announced any date yet but we plan to update this post in the future so we can talk more about wedding stuff.

richard kahui girlfriend - wife - amy rhodes

In celebration of Richard’s impending wedding, let’s appreciate his hunkiness, shall we? Here’s a shirtless Richard looking sexy and manly with them body hair and all. Props to him for not shaving his body. [Deena says: Body shaving is for silly metrosexuals like Simon Cowell and no men in their right mind wants to be compared to Simon Cowell.]

richard kahui shirtless

Richard with his buddies. He’s in his itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny skimpy Speedo bikini. He’s the one on the left, for those of you who are wondering.

richard kahui speedo underwear

Ever tried riding a bike with nothing but a pair of Speedos? We bet it hurt, eh?

richard kahui speedo

But it doesn’t look like he rode that bike in his Speedos. Now that’s a real biking hunk, not the Lance Armstrong fraud who doped his way to 7 Tour de France titles. Thank heavens he’s now been exposed and stripped of his titles.

richard kahui hot

But let’s not be distracted by the Lance Armstrong story, okay? Let’s focus instead on Richard’s awesome hunkiness. Here’s Richard as a swimming hunk!

richard kahui shirtless

And, Richard as a police hottie. Awww, he is sooo cute! Hehe.

richard kahui sexy in uniform

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Richard Kahui Shirtless, Underwear, Speedo Photos. Posted 30 October 2012.