Adidas Hoody Jackets: Celebrity Fans in Adidas Hoodies


Rugby player Danny Cipriani is very much like a walking advertisement for the German clothing company, Adidas. We won’t be surprised if he’s wearing Adidas underwear (is it boxers or briefs, eh Danny?) to match his Adidas shoes, running pants, and hoodie jacket. Want more male celebrity jackets?

Like Danny, Joe Jonas obviously loves him his Adidas hoodie jacket. Our Joe is wearing an Adidas Originals Trefoil Hoody which supposedly features, “a soft fleece backing, a fully lined hood with adjustable metal tipped drawstrings, a kangaroo pocket and an elasticated ribbed hem and cuffs, plus a large trefoil on the chest and woven brand tab on the seam”. Hah! Can you beat that, Nike?
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Dior Homme Leather Jacket Celebrity Fans: Zac Efron and Co

Zac Efron in Dior Homme leather jacket from his cover story with Details Magazine. Hello there, boyfriend! Why are you covering your handsome face?

Let’s check out more celebrities who, like Zac Efron, love them their Dior Homme leather jackets, shall we? First here’s American singer Brandon Flowers, frontman of the rock-band The Killers, looking pretty cool in his Dior Homme Pink Leather Blazer from the French fashion label’s Spring|Summer 2005 collection. We’re pretty sure George W. Bush will call this “fabulous” and although we disagree with Dubya’s dubious politics we’d agree that this is indeed a fabulous jacket. Brandon didn’t win “best dressed” awards for nothing, no?
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Lauri Kalima: Finnish Track Hunk in Underwear

Famewatchers, meet Finnish hunk Lauri Kalima. He is as shaggable as that other Finn we already blogged about, Kimi Raikkonen. Like Kimi, our Lauri is an athlete who also does modeling on the side. And boy has he modeled for top end brands such as Dolce and Gabbana (you know, the boxers he’s wearing in one of the pics below), Nike, Ralph Lauren, and a label called Umbro.
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Andrei Arshavin Shirtless and Underwear Photos

We think its time we update our two-year old post on Andrei Arshavin by giving you this photo of our Arnenal hunk in his very visible briefs underwear line. Hah, didn’t we tell you that white clothes are kinda revealing? The above photo above is an example of what we are saying on the transparency of white outfits.
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Daniel Radcliffe Skinny Jeans and Leather Jacket

Some of you are quite interested in Daniel Radcliffe’s fashion so we decided to update this post to give you what you are looking for. First, let’s begin with the kinds and brands of shoes that our British thespian (we can now call him a thespian, right) wears. Here’s Harry jumping with delight in his Vans Old Skool shoes.

Now, here’s Harry sitting like a Zen master (Deena says: Nope that’s not how a Zen master sits). What attracts us most to this photo? Well, aside from the subject himself, we’re kinda attracted by that bright yellow shoes which, according to Esquire Magazine, is a Maison Martin Margiela High-Top Trainers. That’s quite a tongue-twisting name for a shoes, no? Can you say, “Marie is wearing a Maison Martin Margiela shoes given to her by Maria”?
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