Red Speedo For Men: Male Celebrities Wearing Red Swimwear

Red Speedo For Men: Celebrities in Swim Briefs. Want more celebrity Speedos? We’ve seen Daniel Craig’s square-cut swim trunks, now here’s American actor Jerry O’Connell looking awesome in his red Speedo swimsuit. Jerry was named by People Magazine as one of their sexiest men alive for 2009.

red speedo for men - jerry oconnell

Here’s what the magazine is saying about our guy in red Speedo:

When you’ve got it, flaunt it! The sexy star, 35, showed off his sense of humor – and then some! – in his Speedo shoot. “If my kids ever annoy me, I’ll go and mow our lawn in a Speedo,” he says of his 11-month-old twin girls with wife Rebecca Romijn. “Just to embarrass them.”

Hehe. Now, if you really want to embarrass your kids, maybe you should attend PTA meetings in your red Speedos, eh?

Want more men in Speedo? Let’s check out these male celebrities from different parts of the world wearing red Speedo for men, shall we?

If you are from South Africa, you would probably be familiar with actor/singer/dancer/male model Izak Davel and the red swim trunks he wore in the Survivor SA Santa Carolina reality show. Not a bad swimsuit, eh? It’s reportedly from the South African swimwear/underwear label, Bonewear.

red speedo for men - izak davel

Ever heard of Tuca Andrada? He’s an actor from Brazil. He’s mostly done television work but he also has several movies under his belt.

red speedo for men tuca andrada

Another Brazilian hunk who looks nice in his red Speedo swimsuit is actor/director and television host Marcio Garcia. Who wants to play beach volleyball with him?

red speedos for men - marcio garcia

Maybe Aussie hunk Todd Finlay will? After all, like Marcio it looks like Todd loves him his red Speedo swimsuit too. Nice.

men in red speedos - todd finlay

Another male model and actor (but of the “adult” variety) who looks hot and sexy and totally shaggable in his red Speedo swimsuit if Jakub Stefano.


Of course, men’s love for red swimsuits is not a recent trend. Check out for instance actor Greg Evigan and his red Speedo swimsuit.

red speedo for men greg evigan - my two dads

Let’s round up this group of celebrities wearing red Speedo for men with one of the most famous jocks of them all: David Duchovny.

david duchovny speedo

Who of these international celebrities look best in their red Speedo?

Red Speedo For Men: Celebrity Edition. Posted 23 January 2010. Updated 19 February 2017.