Ralph Lauren Leather Jackets For Men: Henry Cavill and James McAvoy

Ralph Lauren Leather Jackets For Men: Henry Cavill and James McAvoy. Looking for Ralph Lauren leather jackets? Well, check out the male model’s ensemble from the desinger label’s Menswear Collection. The sickly yellow trousers is something that no man should ever ever wear (well except maybe Perez Hilton) but the brown leather jacket is fabulous and would be a great addition to any man’s closet — whether they are fashionistos or not.

If you don’t like the latest leather jacket from the house of Ralph, you might opt for this leather windbreaker we found at the label’s website. It’s made of 100% leather though the body lining is 100% cotton while the sleeve lining is 100% cupro. Note: For those of you who are wondering cupro is, according to wordreference.com, a “type of rayon made by dissolving cotton cellulose with cuprammonium salts and spinning the resulting solution into filaments”.

You can buy the above jacket on the Ralph Lauren website at the cost of $695.

Another Ralph Lauren leather jacket we found on the internets is this gorgeous brown leather jacket.

It looks just as cool at the back.

The above particular leather jacket, released by the label a few years ago, is apparently beloved by celebrities. Henry Cavill, star of the upcoming Superman remake, was photographed wearing it to a Comicon event.

So was Scottish actor James McAvoy. James movie update: He is busy filming The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. He will soon work on X-Men: Days of Future Past which is scheduled to reach your cinema sometime in the near future.

ralph lauren leather jackets for men james mcavoy

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Ralph Lauren Leather Jackets For Men: Best Male Celebrity Fashion Picks. Updated 21 May 2017.