Rafael Carreras Cuban Hunk is a Male Model and Actor

Rafael Carreras Cuban Hunk is a Male Model and Actor. Rafael Carreras is a Cuban male model and actor who is reportedly based in Spain where he runs a successful bar in the Spanish island of Ibiza. Well, he’s being a bar owner is actually from a report in 2006 and we don’t know whether he’s still running the bar or is doing something else.

rafael carreras cuban male model

But enough with what he’s doing. Let’s just ogle at his hot Latino hunkiness. We love his white jeans!

rafael carreras cuban model

rafael carreras hot cuban male model

According to his IMDB profile, our handsome Cuban actor has made movie videos from 2001 to 2010. So he’s been working in the industry for a decade already and, so far, he’s listed to have made a total of 17 videos.

Not surprisingly, given Rafael’s acting niche, his films has the most imaginative titles; they sound innocent at first glance but they’re not really.

rafael carreras cuban hunk modeling photos

What say you of titles like Spanish Uprising, Gored, Deep Plunge? Sounds like action movies that Vin Diesel or the Muscles From Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme would produce and star in, no? Well, we can honestly say that Rafael’s movies are also action movies but they’re action of the “bed-centered” variety.

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By the way, just so you know, our Rafael also starred in movies that are less action-sounding but sounds more like family-oriented movies such as like Family Jewels (hah! That would be interesting to watch), Down on the Farm, Master of the House, and Bedtime Stories. Don’t be deceived by the titles though. Haha.

Let us end this post on our Cuban male model with him looking great in his suit. What do people about men’s suits being like women’s bikinis? That a well-fitted suit makes people want to see more.

rafael carreras cuban hunk in suit

rafael carreras mens suit model2

Now that’s a really nice suit, huh?


Rafael Carreras Cuban Hunk is a Male Model and Actor. Posted 5 February 2009.