do soccer players wear underwear - antonio candreva white puma briefs

Do Soccer Players Wear Underwear While Playing? And here’s a photo of another Italian football star, Antonio Candreva, who stripped to his underwear after his soccer match to reveal to reveal to the world that he is wearing a pair of Puma white briefs. So there you have it, internetizens! We hope we answered your question on whether soccer players wear underwear while they are on the pitch.Read More →

We know you want more of Catching Fire’s Alan Ritchson and his awesome hawtness [see Alan Ritchson Underwear Photos] so we decided to do a post on him modeling Puma underwear. But we know you want more Puma male underwear models so we searched and dug the internetz to bring you what you want. And look what we found? It’s Rob Wilson, the cute muscle hunk who made modeling history as the first male model on The Price is Right. He’s modeling tight Puma briefs on International Jock.   He’s rocking not only his briefs underwear but also his Puma boxer briefs. Lookin’ good, Mr.Read More →

How big is Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel’s feet? From the looks of it, he’s got a very big feet. And you know what they say about men with big feet, right? They always, always have big shoes. Sure enough Sebastian’s Puma Classic Lifestyle Sneakers is looking pretty big indeed.
Of course there are other celebrities who were spotted in Puma shoes. Of course Puma also makes shoes other than the Puma Classic Lifestyle Sneakers. Let’s check them out, okay?

Guess what Zac Efron is wearing in this TV appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? That’s a fab Puma El Rey Shoes, baby! Man do we love us our Puma El Reys, they’re easy to wear and they’re pretty comfy too.Read More →