Celebrities Wearing Puma Shoes. How big is Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel’s feet? From the looks of it, he’s got a very big feet. And you know what they say about men with big feet, right? They always, always have big shoes. Sure enough Sebastian’s Puma Classic Lifestyle Sneakers is looking pretty big indeed.

sebastian vettel puma shoes

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Do Soccer Players Wear Underwear? Let’s take some time to answer an internet question which goes: Do Soccer Players Wear Underwear? Of course, they do! You think soccer players are free balling while playing on the pitch? That would not be good for their family jewels. You need the jewels to be snug and stable and not flopping all around.

So if soccer players do wear underwear, what kind of undies is it? Well, a redditor (that means a member of the reddit.com community) was kind enough to identify this Nike Pro Hypercool Compression Shorts as an underwear that soccer stars wear. From the front:

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