Prince William Speedo – Water Polo Jock – University of St Andrews. Is this the first time we, commoners of the world, are seeing a future king wearing a Speedo swimsuit? It must be, no? We still haven’t come across a photo like this. But if you have a photo of a future king, any future king, in his Speedos (or in his undies), then do send it to us so we will include it in our Royalty Watch.

prince william speedo jock - water polo athlete

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Kate Middleton‘s drug-dealing pimp of an uncle, Gary Goldsmith, may be an embarrassment to her family (as well as the royals) but his big mouth ain’t enough to derail a Prince William-Kate Middleton wedding.

The News of the World is reporting that their wedding is scheduled in 2012. 2012? Really? That’s like almost a century from now! What are these kids waiting for?

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