Prince William Speedo – Water Polo Jock – University of St Andrews

prince william speedo hunk

PRINCE WILLIAM SPEEDO. Is this the first time we, commoners of the world, are seeing a future king wearing a Speedo swimsuit? It must be, no? We still haven’t come across a photo like this. But if you have a photo of a future king, any future king, in his Speedos (or in his undies), then do send it to us so we will include it in our Royalty Watch.
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Wedding Tuxedos for Men: Prince William + Other Male Celebrities

tuxedo wedding suit for best friends wedding. prince william fashion style

Footballer David Beckham wore a Ralph Lauren morning suit at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding of the Decade. His wife, on the other hand, wore a dress which she herself designed. Both received brickbats from the fashion police for how they looked. David was criticized for wearing his OBE medal on the right instead of on the left while Victoria was blasted by the snobbish fashionistas for wearing a simple unadorned dress.
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Kate Middleton’s Family Background

Kate Middleton’s Family Background. If you are like us, you would be wondering about the background of Prince William’s squeeze, Kate Middleton. Where did she come from? Is she rich? Is she liked by Royal hangers-on? And many other questions. Kate and his prince are reportedly planning their wedding so we expect public interest in […]
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