Prince Harry Smoking Cigarettes. The smoking Prince Harry. This is a photo that cigarette companies will definitely love to see. Hello, cancer-producing Philip Morris! It’s also a photo that anti-smoking activists hate to see. We won’t be surprised if they take the Prince to task for smoking and for getting caught in public doing it.

prince harry smoking

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Carrie Reichert Prince Harry: Las Vegas Fling – True or Made-up Story? Who is Carrie Reichert? Well, she’s apparently one of Prince Harry’s party gals and she’s kissin-and-tellin’ her way to royal infamy. Celebrities, take note of the following gems of wisdom from our Aunt Rossini: One, cameras are ubiquitous and they’ll snap and preserve any scandalous, salacious, stupid things you do whether you’re doing them in public or in the privacy of your own hotel rooms. Two, attention whores will gravitate towards you and they will sell your story to the media. There is no such thing as discretion these days.

So, of course, we are not surprised that British-born American gal Carrie Reichert is blabbing to the press about her encounter with Prince Harry in one drunken, crazy night in Las Vegas. We won’t be surprised if she’s doing this because she wants to be cast in a reality show and be famous like one of those Kardashian girls.

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