hot wet men - football players edition - cristiano ronaldo

Hot Wet Men: Football Players Edition. Cool. Our boy Cristiano Ronaldo is the 2008 FIFA Player of the Year. Good for him. Congratulations, Cristiano. Now, you’ve got more reason to go swimming to the delight of fans who’d like to see you in your wet shorts. Seriously, how awesome is Ronaldo in that sticking wet black shorts? And he’s got a nice-looking dude beside him too.Read More →

cristiano ronaldo gay boyfriend - Badr Hari

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Proof. Our imaginary Portuguese beau is in the headlines once again because instead of playing football he spends a lot of time cuddling with MMA fighter Badr Hari. Here’s a photo of Cristiano with his Dutch-Moroccan BFF (boyfriend forever?).Read More →

cristiano ronaldo gay - flower on hair

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Proof. Then there are the funny pictures of the Portuguese footballer which sends tongues a-wagging. You know, photos like this one which may mean any of the following: a) he’s gay, b) he’s straight and is pretty secure with his sexuality to be bothered by a flower on his hair, and c) he just loves freaking flowers.
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