Ralph Lauren Male Underwear Models: Alex Cunha’s Tighty Whities

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Underwear: Alex Cunha in Tighty Whities. Brazilian male model Alex Cunha in tighty whitie underwear by Polo Ralph Lauren. Are you a tighty whitie briefs guy or are you a boxer shorts guy? Or do you go for the hybrid boxer briefs underwear?

polo ralph lauren mens underwear alex cunha

Want more models in tighty whities? Go check out our post on Tom Hintnaus.

polo ralph lauren mens underwear models


More Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Underwear Models (27 September 2011) Aside from Alex Cunha, the other male models we’ve seen in Ralph Lauren undies include British male model Alex Gilbert. This 6’1″ stud has done advertising campaigns for the likes of Benetton and Dolce & Gabbana. He also appeared in editorials for magazines such as GQ Magazine, British Vogue, and Numero Homme.

polo ralph lauren mens underwear models

Other Ralph Lauren underwear models we’ve written about elsewhere in this blog include Andrew Cooper in his Ralph Lauren boxers, Doug Porter in his Organic Underwear For Men, and the sexy Kerry Degman.

But there’s more! Other male models who appeared in Polo Ralph Lauren undies whether in ad campaigns or magazine editorials include male supermodel Tyson Beckford. Can you name the other model hunks in the pic below?

polo ralph lauren mens underwear tyson beckford

We’re pretty sure you are familiar with Tyson because aside from modeling, he’s also pretty busy appearing in television shows. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing for Chad Nittler but back in the last decade, he was one of the model “faces” of Polo Ralph Lauren having headlined an advertising campaign for the brand. Here are some of his ad photos.

polo ralph lauren mens underwear chad nittler

We don’t know what Chad is doing now but in an interview back in 2001 with modelswim.com, he’s got some words of wisdom when asked to give some words of advice to aspiring male models:

Modeling is a tough road, especially your first year, it’s such a learning process. Just keep your head, keep a good heart and otherwise it’s all pretty much in God’s hands. You can’t let it bother you why you didn’t get this or that job, whether or not you did well at a casting, you’ll just blow your mind eating away at yourself if you do.

Finally, we gotta end this post with this awesome photo of male model of Steve Gold in his tighty whitie Ralph Lauren briefs. We think the appropriate response when you see a photo like that is, “Oh, wow!”

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Underwear Models. Posted 30 July 2010.