Playboy Underwear for Men: Price, Style, Model Guide

Playboy Underwear for Men. As we mentioned in our earlier post on mens camo underwear, the Playboy brand apparently includes underwear for men.

So, UnderwearWatchers, we bring you some male models rocking their playboy underwear. Let’s start with this video from a runway show in Asia featuring male models wearing Playboy underwear. According to a Youtube commenter, this runway show was held in Manila, Philippines.

Furthermore, there’s a Playboy Facebook page apparently maintained by Playboy Malaysia. It is worth noting that said page features this mens Playboy underwear made of bamboo.

playboy underwear for men 2015 - bamboo underwear

Here’s what Playboy Malaysia says about the benefits or advantages of its PLAYBOY Bamboo fiber underwear collection:

Bamboo fiber contains an antibacterial substances called “Bamboo-Kun”, it will inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevent mites, deodorant, Japanese scientists have found that bacteria which on the bamboo fiber products will be killed about 75% after 24 hours

According to authoritative testing figures, apparels made from bamboo fibers are 1-2 degrees lower than normal apparels in hot weather.

We know, lower temperature is benefit for male genital organ health.

Mens Playboy Underwear is also available in France. Here’s a male model ruling the runway in his Playboy long johns underwear. We grabbed this pic from a French website.

playboy underwear for men - male model in the runway

And here’s another Playboy male model but this time in boxer briefs. Pic is from the Playboy Underwear Spring Summer 2015 Collection.


By the way, Playboy also has some undies for girls as you can see in the next pic below.

mens playboy underwear 2015-2016

Check out some additional Playboy underwear for men after the jump.