Phil Keoghan Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Amazing Race Host

Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan Shirtless in Undies. Oh boy! We thought all along that we already wrote a post on the awesome shirtlessness of Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan but we, apparently, have not done that! So here’s a post to rectify our mistake. Better late than never, huh?

First, here are vidcaps from an Amazing Race episode in 2009 when our Phil stripped to his Calvin Klein boxer briefs underwear. [Want more famous men in Calvin Kleins? Go check out our post on football star/model Freddie Ljungberg.]

You’re looking good down there, Mr. Keoghan!


Hmmm! A Phil Keoghan shirtless in boxer briefs, what’s not to like?


Phil welcomes us to wintery Russia.


Based on the above photos, we now know the answer to the “Does Phil Keoghan wear boxers or briefs underwear” question.