Persol 649 Ladies Sunglasses: Heidi Klum, Supermodel

Persol Womens Sunglasses: Heidi Klum’s Persol 649. Here’s an imaginary blog post “written” by Heidi Klum: “Howdy, fans! Have you checked out the Heidi Klum maternity wear already? Now, check out my sunglasses. It’s a Persol 649. Do I look great wearing it or what? Of course, I do. I look great in everything I wear. Heck, I even look great even if I’m wearing nothing.

persol womens sunglasses

“That’s why that silly old man named Wolfgang Joop is sooo jealous of me. Geeze, can you believe it when he says Heidi Klum is no supermodel. WTF. But why should we care about him, no? I’m purty, aren’t I?”

persol womens sunglasses heidi klum

Hehe. Let’s go back to regular programming, shall we? We’re not really sure if that is how Heidi actually writes (or actually talks) but that’s what we imagine her saying about her fabulous Persol sunglasses as well as her feud vs. Wolfgang Joop.

Well, it isn’t technically a feud because its more of an attack by Wolfgang vs. Heidi’s alleged “fatness” which, as we said elsewhere in this blog, is kinda stupid because she ain’t fat at all. There’s really something bad going on in the fashion world if girls like Heidi is considered by old foggybottoms men like Wolfgang as “fat”, no? But that’s us, we won’t be surprised if some fashion insiders agree with Wolfie.

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