Paulie Calafiore Gay or Girlfriend? Shirtless Hunk on Big Brother

Paulie Calafiore Gay or Girlfriend? Is Big Brother 18 housemate Paulie Calafiore gay? Or does he have a girlfriend? Is he going to be entertaining and conniving inside the Big Brother house? Or is he going to be dull and boring?

Questions. Questions. And we don’t have the answers for them. But we do have the answer for the next Q which goes: Who, between the Calafiore brothers, is hotter? Is it Paulie or is his older brother Cody Calafiore? Sorry Paulie but we gotta give it to your bro coz he’s been our Big Brother crush ever since we laid our eyes on him. We’re not saying Paulie is not hot, we’re just saying that Cody is hotter hawt hawt!

Paulie has some nice abs though. By the by, the pics in these post are from Paulie’s Twitter/Instagram account (follow him @paulieC116).

Paulie Calafiore gay or straight body

Now, is the next pic below the answer to the Paulie Calafiore gay or straight question? Clearly this is his girlfriend, right? If she is then our boy is as straight as an arrow.

Paulie Calafiore girlfriend or not

What a beautiful, sexy smile.

Paulie Calafiore hot

Oh wait, is this Paulie or is this his brother? Our friend Deena says, who cares, either one of them is totally shaggable! Hehe.

More Paulie Calafiore shirtless photos after the jump.