Old Men Wearing Leather Pants and Jackets: Arnold Schwarzenegger Fashion Style

Old Men Wearing Leather Pants and Jackets: Arnold Schwarzenegger Fashion Style. Men’s fashion question of the day: Is it okay for men in their sixties to wear leather pants paired with leather jacket? Hah. Good question! Let’s have 65-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger answer the question for everyone.

Of course it is okay for an older dude to wear leather. There’s nothing wrong with a man who belongs to The Guvernator’s age demographic if he opts to trade his “old man get-up” to something more youth-oriented and more badass.

The caveat however — yeah there’s a caveat as is often the case when it comes to what to wear and what not to wear — is that you should wear your all-leather ensemble on the right occasion or the right time.

Take The Guvernator for example, he’s wearing his leather outfits during a motorcycle run with members of the Black Hawks Motorcycle Club in Los Angeles. In this instance, jeans and leather — or in the case of The Guv, leather and leather — are not only appropriate outfits but are probably the best clothes to wear. Still, we hope the former California topman is not wearing leather underwear underneath them trousers because that would really be overdoing it and it would be very bad for his balls. Hehehe.

So to sum up, yeah you can go ahead and buy yourself some leather jacket [these Giorgio Armani Men’s Leather Jackets are pretty cool] and a pair of leather pants but don’t wear them to your daughter’s wedding unless the wedding ceremony happens to have a leather theme.