Novak Djokovic Underwear: Boxer Briefs and Speedo Swimsuit

Novak Djokovic Underwear and Shirtless Photos. Who wants more Novak Djokovic underwear photos? Of course you do. Our Novak has risen up the tennis ranks the last time we blogged about him in 2009. To date he’s earned a total of $62,339,247 prize money which does not include his lucrative endorsement deals. And he now has six Grand Slam singles titles. Expect to see those numbers rise because our Novak is still young and still going strong. Oh wait, you’re more interesting in his newest underwear photos. Okay, here you go:

novak djokovic underwear gay

Should we or should we not make a Brokeback Mountain joke? Hehehe.

novak djokovic underwear boxer briefs 2914

More Novak Djokovic Underwear: Boxer Shorts and Speedo Swimtrunks (posted: 07 June 2011). Let’s have more underwear pics of Novak Djokovic, shall we? Our Serbian hunk was featured in a recent issue of Vogue Magazine and here’s a photo of Djoko in his swim trunks. Nice, huh?

Novak Djokovic underwear speedo

Let’s have a closer look at our tennis star.

Novak Djokovic speedo vogue

Too bad, that’s the closest we can get.

But, there’s more underwear modeling photos from our Djokovic. Apparently, back in 2007 or two years before he modeled in Montreal, Djokovic also did a runway walk with nothing but his boxer shorts.

The other dude is Adriano Biasella, an Italian tennis player who attended the University of Southern California or USC. In the ATP, he reached a career high singles ranking of 389.

But let’s go back to Novak, okay? He’s blessed with a sexy bum, huh? It’s something that Adriano also appreciates. Hehe.

This last photo is for those of you who are looking for Novak’s you know what. Hehe. That’s really a tennis ball in his pants but there’s no harm if you imagine it to be something else.

novak djokovic tennis bulge

Novak Djokovic Underwear Model in Montreal (posted: 13 August 2009. Awesome! We are seeing Novak Djokovic underwear from a runway show. What’s not to like? The Serbian tennis star may not be having a good year in the tennis tour but, thankfully, this has not prevented him from having fun and from stripping to his underwear during a fashion show in Montreal.

Novak Djokovic underwear sexy

Did we say he did a striptease show? You can bet your ass, he did. He first sported a very short robe.

Novak Djokovic underwear model

Which he then opened his robe and got rid of it to the delight of the lusty crowd. You sure gave them a show to remember, Mr. Serbia!

Novak Djokovic underwear model

Novak Djokovic underwear hunk

Now, that’s the fun-loving Novak we learned to love. Speaking of Serbian male models, you should check out water polo Olympian Daca Ikodinovic in his undies and fashion model Andrija Bikic.

Novak Djokovic: Shirtless Serbian Hunk (posted: 05 February 2009). Watchu doin’ Novak? Are you a baseball player now? Are you trying to give that A-Rod guy a run for his money? That would be cool, no? What about giving them French footballers a run for their modeling money? You know, those Diuex du Stade guys who like to bare their bodies for their fans. What about it, Novak?

Novak Djokovic shirtless underwear

Novak Djokovic Underwear: Boxers or Briefs posted 5 February 2009. Last updated: 25 March 2017.