Nick Youngquest Underwear: Mojo Briefs and Boxer Shorts

Nick Youngquest Underwear: Mojo Briefs and Boxer Shorts. We’ve seen him in his tighty whitie underwear. We also saw him having a good time in his athletic jockstrap. Now here’s Australian star rugby player Nick Youngquest in his Mojo underwear.

nick youngquest underwear

Who wants to jump in bed with this Aussie hunk? Or perhaps the better question would be, “Who doesn’t want to jump in bed with this Nick?” no?

nick youngquest underwear model mojo

nick youngquest mojo underwear model

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Nick Youngquest Gay or Girlfriend? Is Nick Youngquest gay or straight? He is straight. But he is supportive of the LGBT community and gay rights. In fact, he is a friend and supporter of Gareth Thomas the only openly gay rugby player in the world.

Does Nick have a girlfriend? When we first wrote this post back in 2009, we mentioned that he is married to Kassy Lee, a dancer who was a contestant in the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance. They must have parted ways because in 2017 our Nick is married to Mira Jones.

nick youngquest shirtless in underwear

Our Nick in Calvin Klein undies.


Men’s Beach Short Pants: Nick Youngquest, Aussie Rugby Player
17 January 2010

Want more of our imaginary Australian rugby player Nick Youngquest? Well, here’s a really really cute and awesome picture of our boyfriend in his short short pants holding a volleyball (or maybe that’s a football, we can’t tell 100%).

Didn’t we say this pic is cute? Oh, hello? We have no choice but to include it in our collection of photos of men with big balls? But check out this more awesome photograph of our rugby player in his short and tight leather pants.

nick youngquest short shorts


More Nick Youngquest Underwear Modeling Photos. Here’s our imaginary Australian boyfriend Nick Youngquest modeling for French magazine Tetu.

Isn’t he awesome? Why is he not as famous as David Beckham?

Nick Youngquest Baskit Underwear. Another underwear modeling photo of our Nick. This time he is wearing Baskit Underwear boxer briefs. Hah. We’ve said it before and we’re gonna say it again, who doesn’t want to jump in bed with him! Also, we’re still wondering why he is not as famous as Beckham.

nick youngquest baskit underwear

Nick Youngquest Underwear Modeling Photos. Posted 15 January 2010. Updated 28 May 2017.