Nick Nolte as a Young Man: Male Model Photos – Rolex Watch

Nick Nolte as a Young Man: Male Model Photos – Rolex Watch. Nick Nolte wears a Rolex Submariner watch from a movie we, unfortunately, don’t know. Maybe you can ID the movie and the girl he’s with?

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Now, are we the only ones shocked to see this older photo of our Nick? Clearly, age has not treated him kindly.

He was one of the hottest guys in Hollywood when he was younger.


More Photos of Nick Nolte as a Young Stud
22 October 2011

This update is for those of you fellow Famewatchers who are looking for pictures of Nick Nolte as a young guy. These photos tell us that when he was young and twenty, he’s way hotter than today’s current crop of Hollywood leading men. That includes you Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Haha. One can concede though that Taylor with his bulging muscles and all may have a better body than Nick when the latter was Taylor’s age.

Anyhoo, here’s probably our most favorite photo of the Cape Fear star as a young man.

And this one’s our second favorite. Ain’t he quite a cutie!

Awww, he can’t help being hot. It’s in his nature.