Nick Kyrgios Underwear Model For Bonds: Hot or Not?

Nick Kyrgios Underwear Model For Bonds. Our imaginary Australian boyfriend Nick Kyrgios has got himself a side gig as a Bonds Underwear male model. Yay! Yay! And yay! He’s following the footsteps of another Aussie tennis hunk, two-time Grand Slam Pat Rafter and cricket star Michael Clarke who both served as spokesmodel for the underwear company. Check out Nick’s modeling pics. [Want more tennis players underwear?]

nick kyrgios underwear model for bonds

Please tell us we are not the only ones disappointed with these Nick Kyrgios underwear photos. They don’t do justice to the rising tennis star’s gorgeousness and hunkiness. The pics have none of the pizzazz of other underwear ad photos like David Beckham’s Emporio Armani ad campaigns, Cristiano Ronaldo’s ads for his own underwear line, and all those great Calvin Klein photos which will live on for advertising students to study in the future.

In contrast, we look at Nick’s Bonds underwear pic and say, “Meh!”. They’re totally forgettable. The Bonds powers-that-be should have hired another photographer because they did Nick an injustice. Hehehe. [Want more Bonds Underwear Male Models.]

Nick Kyrgios as an underwear model.

Is he trying to imitate Pat Rafter’s pose? Pat, of course, is another top Aussie player who became a Bonds underwear model.

nick kyrgios underwear pose

Patrick and Nick posing in their undershirts.

Nick Kyrgios Underwear Model Update (19 February 2017). Apparently, Nick is no longer a spokesmodel for Bonds. Apparently, the modeling deal was only for three months. An August 2015 report by the Sydney Morning Herald has the details:

Kyrgios was named a Bonds ambassador last year but it was a short run thing, as he infamously made a mess of his job as when he was being paid to plug the undies during media interviews and admitted he either wore Nike Skins or went “commando” under his shorts.

But it is his on-court tantrums and foul sledges that are understood to be behind all Bonds PR materials being scrubbed clean of references to the tennis bad boy. With the brand keen to distance themselves from his antics, Tanya Deans, Group Marketing Manager, told Fairfax Media:

“Just after his [Nick Kyrgios​’] win at Wimbledon last year we signed him for a campaign that we did on men’s underpants but that was a three month deal, so he hasn’t been associated with the brand since last October.”

So have we seen the last of Nick Kyrgios underwear modeling career? Or will another company sign him up to wear its underoos? Well, he’s still young so there is a good likelihood that we’d see him in more underwear pics in the future.

Nick Kyrgios Underwear Model For Bonds published 28 August 2014. Updated 19 February 2017.