Nev Schulman Shirtless, Underwear, and Speedo Photos

Nev Schulman Shirtless, Underwear, and Speedo Photos. 5 February 2017 Update: Here’s a photo of Nev Schulman in his briefs underwear. Or is that a briefs-style Speedo swimwear? We can’t tell. We also can’t tell why he is dressed this way. Is he sunbathing? Is he swimming in a pool off camera? Or did he strip to his undies/swimwear to show us his hairiness? Whatever the reason, check ‘im out:

nev schulman underwear - speedo

Nev Schulman underwear or Speedo swimwear photo.

nev schulman underwear - speedo2

ORIGINAL POST (4 May 2013): Are you addicted to MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show? We must admit that we don’t belong to the show’s target age demographic (we’re more of the The Voice demo, hehe) but we were hooked to the show when we watched the episode featuring the girl who thought she was in a relationship with male model RJ King.

rj king - catfish male model

Heck. If we’re made to believe that the handsome guy above loves us and wants to make babies with us, we’d be blind too to the red flags and warning signs which suggest that things are not what they seem to be. Hehehe.

One of the reasons why Catfish is a compelling show is the hosts (do we call them hosts or investigators?) Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. Nev is being described elsewhere in the internets as “condescending” but we don’t see the condescension that others are seeing. Actually, to us, he comes across as an empathetic person who says the right things during delicate situations. You agree, right?

Anyhoo, we really don’t intend to review Catfish because we know you are more interested in the shirtless photos of Nev Schulman so we’re gonna give you what you want. Here you go, Famewatchers, a Nev Schulman shirtless photo.

nev schulman chest hair no shirt

Wow! Another Nev Schulman shirtless photo showing us that he really is that hairy.

nev schulman shirtless

We like our men hairy and are against the ridiculous manscaping and body waxing trends of the past few years but we would not mind it if our Nev trims his chest hair. [Want more celebrity chest hair? Go check out the fabulous Matthew Cameron.]

nev schulman girlfriend

Is that Nev’s girlfriend? [Deena sez: What girlfriend? He doesn’t have a girlfriend, does he? Tell me my Nev does not have a girl!!!!]

Sorry, Deena but Nev does have a girlfriend. Her name is Shanee Pink and is a pop chanteuse. Check out her photo.

nev schulman girlfriend is shanee pink

[Deena sez: Shanee Pink? Really? What kind of a name is that? Yeah its a made-up name alright for a non-existent made-up girl!]

Heh! Stop it, Deena. We’re disappointed too that Nev has a girlfriend but only because we think he looks good together with travel buddy Max Joseph. You agree, right? It’s like they are made for each other.

nev schulman gay vneck shirt

If this is not love, we don’t know what is!

nev schulman gay with max

[Deena sez: Okay, we forgive Nev if he’s in a relationship with that girl with a fakey name but we won’t forgive him for kissing Brett Ratner. Of all people!!!! Why is he kissing that douchebag!!!]


Are you blind, Deena? Dev is most certainly not kissing Brett Ratner. It’s Brett who’s kissing him and it looks like he’s surprised by the act.

Before Deena goes on with her nagging, let’s end this post with these Nev Schulman underwear pics.

nev schulman underwear - briefs

Our last Nev Schulman shirtless pic. The tramp stamp is so ghey!

nev schulman tramp stamp