Movie Stars in Speedo Swimsuits: 16 More Film Hunks & Jocks in Trunks

Movie Stars Wearing Speedo Swimsuits. Okay, let’s have the second part of our list on Actors in Speedos. We promised we are gonna give you 32 movie/TV stars in Speedos and we are keeping that promise. First up in our Part II list is funny man Jerry O’Connell. What would you do if you see Jerry shopping in his Santa Speedos?

Jerry O Connell - shoping in speedo

It’s a delight watching Jesse Bradford in the now cancelled, Guys With Kids, so we’re hoping he’d have another TV project in the future so we’ll keep on Famewatching him on the small screen. A movie would be great too. [Note: wikipedia states that he’s in a movie called The Power of Few which is scheduled for release this year.] Jesse’s Speedo photo below is from the 2002 movie, Swimfan.

jesse bradford in speedo - maybe from swimfan

From Asia here’s John Abraham, one of India’s biggest stars. Aside from acting, he’s also a male model (as obvious in the pic below), a male beauty contest winner, and a movie producer. We won’t be surprised if he eventually try his hand at directing a movie a-la Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, and Matt Damon.

movie stars in speedo john abraham

Oh wait, Matt Damon has not actually directed a movie, has he? Nope, he hasn’t! We are actually thinking of his buddy Ben Affleck who is turning out to be a force in the world of directing. Matt, for his part, recently appeared in the critically TV movie about the life of Liberace, Behind the Candelabra, where he plays the role of Liberace’s gay lover. Here’s a still photo from the movie of Matt wearing a Speedo.

movie stars in speedo matt damon

Aussie hunk Julian McMahon is one of those lucky guys who are born to wear a Speedo. You agree, right? What’s keeping Julian busy these days? Apparently, he’s in a film called Paranoia (which stars Liam Hemsworth) which should be released sometime this year. As a Julian and Liam fan, we are looking forward to watching the film on the big screen.

movie stars in speedo julian mcmahon

Hey look its another Aussie hunk in Speedo: Mr. Wolverine himself aka Hugh Jackman. He was sooo good as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables so we shed a tear when he didn’t go home with the Oscar trophy. We hope he eventually wins one down the road.


British actor Philip Olivier is looking fabulous in his black Speedo swimsuit.

philip olivier speedo

Ditto for 90210 star Trevor Donovan in his white Speedo suit.

movie stars in speedo trevor donovan

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