Mossman Male Underwear Models: Aussie Undies Brand

Mossman Male Underwear Models: Aussie Undies Brand. Famewatchers, meet these Mossman underwear models. First, here’s a gorgeous guy¬†with sculpted washboard abs modeling white Mossman boxer briefs. This man must have done tons ab scrunches to get achieve the six-pack look, no?

mossman male underwear models

Hey, let’s bring back “guy model with a wide stance” with a model going for the “how do I look, looking up to you” pose. We love them for wearing white underwear. Classic.

mossman mens underwear

Mossman, for those of you not familiar with it, is a fairly new brand (established in 2008) from the Land of the Kangaroos also known as Australia.

mossman male underwear models with abs

Within a relatively short time, the brand is able to develop a clientele and, according to its website, it’s now being sold in other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil, Japan, China, and the United States.

Of course, Mossman isn’t the only Aussie male underwear brand that’s been able to establish some kind of an international presence. In fact, we’ve been blogging about other “Made In Australia” brands as well such as Aussiebum, The Navy Diver, Mojo Underwear, and some other brands we can’t recall at the moment.

We guess this proves that our friends from the Land Down Under surely know how to cover their “down unders” in comfort and style.

Who says you can’t play ball in your underwear outfit? Not our nature-lovin’ and ball-playin’ Aussie friends.

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