Michael Roark Shirtless Actor-Lawyer: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

Michael Roark Shirtless Lawyer Hunk. Look who’s rocking his jammer swimsuit? It’s lawyer-turned-actor Michael Roark. The above pic is from the 2011 movie Dolphin Tale where Michael played the role of competitive swimmer Donovan Peck. Ain’t he cool? Which is the sexier Michael Roark shirtless photo, the one above or this next one below?

michael roark bulge - jammer swimsuit - dolphin tales

Who knew a lawyer would have a body to die for like that? If we came across these photos sooner, we would have included him to our list of hot male laywers. For those who are wondering, Roark went to the University of Florida Law School and became a bonafide lawyer before he decided to try his luck in Hollywood.

He’s been pretty lucky so far, acting-wise, having landed regular acting gigs on Sleepy Hollow, Greys Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, and more. Recently, Deadline reported that he’s been cast for MTV’s Finding Carter which he will be joining during the upcoming second season.

Michael Roark shirtless

Puppy dog eyes! This is our favorite Michael Roark shirtless photo. So cute.


Is Michael Roark Gay or Straight? We think he’s straight but the voters of gayorstraight.com have given him a gay rating:

Michael Roark gaydar: According to 14 visitors Michael Roark is 71% gay. The average gay-rating on gay-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Michael Roark has been voted highly gay.

Do you agree with the above assessment? Or do you think it is wack?

michael roark girlfriend

Michael Roark Girlfriend? Is he dating anyone at the moment? Or is he single? We have no current info on our lawyer-actor’s relationship status but we will update this post in the future once we have the relevant information.

Want to know more about the lawyerly side of Michael Roark? Check out his interview with Preston Clark of lawinsider.com:

Why did you go to law school and not straight to Hollywood?
I always wanted to get a graduate education and as college rolled on law school started calling. I was intrigued by a career as a trial attorney; it’s not as if I was just going to school to go to school, especially since it was all on my dime. I considered dropping everything and heading to L.A but my gut was telling me to stay the course and it proved to be a good decision.

I knew if I was going to go to law school it was not going to happen later in life, it was going to happen then in my early 20’s or not at all. Plus, I still had some growing up to do. Had I pursued an acting career earlier in life I’m not sure I would have taken it as seriously as I do now. It’s not that I was irresponsible; there were just many more rocks that still needed turning over. In the end, I did pack up the car and head for the west coast, the decision just came 5 years later… after I packed up the car and headed for the Florida coast to pursue law.

While many young law grads are pursuing careers outside the legal profession, most aren’t breaking into Hollywood, How did that happen?
The seed was planted in college when I began doing theater. During my law school years I continued to perform in some theater as my schedule permitted but that wasn’t very often. Typically I was either in class, studying or bartending on the beach to pay the bills. I did discover Trial Team early on in law school, (I did my first year at Barry Law in Orlando before transferring to UF, Barry allows 1L’s to compete in trial team unlike most law schools) and that fed the appetite quite a bit.

I was sworn into the Bar in ’09, just as my classmates and I were staring down the barrel of the financial crisis. I think the statistic was something like 1 out of 4 law school graduates landed legal positions, it was a tough time. So it was back to the beach and bartending for me to pay the bills. I took the opportunity to get back into acting class and I started auditioning for film for the first time. After a couple months I booked a guest star gig on “The Glades” pilot episode and haven’t looked back since. When the attorney positions did come I juggled the legal career with my acting career and that usually had me going on 4-5 hours of sleep a night, I knew I couldn’t sustain it so I eventually prioritized my acting career over my legal career.