Michael Copon Shirtless Photos: 50 Hottest Bachelors – Throwback Decade

Michael Copon Shirtless Photos. Did you know that Pinoy hunk Michael Copon was named one of People Magazine’s “50 Hottest Bachelors” in 2005. Yeah, we didn’t know that either but that’s really cool for him, right? We must say that People Magazine made a good pick too when they chose to include him in their Bachelor’s list.

michael copon shirtless

Okay, let’s check out Michael Copon’s fashion style and see whether his style is suitable for the bachelors among us who not only want to enjoy their bachelorhood but would like to be seen as hot sexy bachelors too.

But before that, let’s ogle at more Michael Copon shirtless pics, shall we? [Just scroll down as fast as you can if you’re a straight dude who don’t want ogling at shirtless dudes. Hehe.]

michael copon shirtless in shorts

Damn, who doesn’t want to smack them kissable lips?

And hug them smooth body?

Okay, we are done with the Michael Copon shirtless photos. So, let’s now check out Michael’s fashion style, shall we? We often see him wearing jeans and leather which suits him well. However, we are not liking the particular pair of jeans he’s wearing below for them pockets are just weird. We’re liking the leather jacket though.