Mens Winter Coats: Cerruti, London Fog, Zara, YSL, Hilfiger

Lastly, check out these Cerutti ads for Summer/Spring 2011 featuring male model Andre Van Noord and French beauty Camille Rowe.

Andre, like Bastiaan Ninaber above, is also from the Netherlands. Here’s another print ad featuring our Andre who, from the looks of it, is going for Suit Without Tie look that male celebrities do when they want to dress casual/formal.
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Daniel Bonjour Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend, Married or Single?

Daniel Bonjour Shirtless Photos: Gay or Married? Let us conclude this post with this still photo of Daniel as Daniel Lawrence which is the role he plays on Frequency. The show is currently airing and you should be able to watch it on The CW channel. How cute is Daniel wearing his beanie hat? So gorgeous. We’d be dreaming about him tonight if we don’t have a hubby and if he ain’t already married. Hehe.
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