MMA Fighter Watch: Charles Dera as a Male Model


If you think we’re not going to blog about men in longjohns thermal underwear because of the sizzling summer heat, well you are mistaken because we are gonna blog about Charles Dera in his white long johns underwear.

Why can we not? Check out the pic above. You didn’t think we’re not gonna share that with you, no? It’s probably the most awesome photo of a male celebrity in his long johns, ever! Well, okay, maybe it ties with rugby player Nick Youngquest long johns photo in awesomeness.

But we’re not only about long john thermals, we’re also about loincloths for men. For those of you who don’t know, before Charles became an MMA fighter, he was first a male stripper (like Channing Tatum) with the Chippendales male group (now called Here Come the Boys).

Oh, and he was a bonafide soldier too.


Charles as an MMA fighter.


One of our favorite photos of him ever. Hello Speedo hunk!