Mens Tight Pants for Sexy Guys: Male Fashion Trends Watch

Mens Tight Pants for Sexy Guys: Male Fashion Trends Watch. Here’s Part II of our post on low rise jeans-wearing American male fashion model Aaron O’Connell. He looks good in his tight pants doesn’t he? He looks even better when he goes for the wet look which makes him as delectable as the ice cream he is licking.

mens tight pants

Anyhoo, ever tried wearing tight pants? Don’t go for them pants that restricts your blood circulation, okay. It’s not good for your health.

mens tight pants for sexy guys

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Male Celebrity Tight Trousers. Of course male celebrities love them their sexy tight pants too. No surprising at all, no? And you know who among famous Hollywood hunks really love him his tight pants? It’s Sherlock Holmes’ Dr. John Watson himself aka Jude Law. Here’s the British dude in tight trousers. You may not like his trousers but you gotta give him credit for that fabulous red shoes.

celebrities wearing mens tight pants

Another version of Jude wearing practically the same ensemble as above – he just traded his tuxedo jacket for a tank top shirt.

mens tight pants jude law

Who says you can’t wear tight trousers to a red carpet event? Definitely not our British actor!

celebrity mens tight pants

Not surprisingly, the sexy hunky daddy that is Ricky Martin, seen here wearing a silver skin-tight pants during the 2011 Grammy Awards, obviously agrees with Jude that tight pants are cool to wear on the red carpet.

mens tight pants ricky martin

Jake Gyllenhaal on the red carpet opts for the skinny but not really tight trousers.

mens tight pants jake gyllenhaal

The late Heath Ledger, Gyllenhaal’s partner in Brokeback Mountain, in skin-tight jeans.

So which celebrity tight trousers is your favorite? We like Ricky Martin’s silvery shiny pants but we’re not sure if we’d like our husband to wear something like that as it calls too much attention. Hehe. During formal events, we won’t mind our hubby going for the Jake Gyllenhaal skinny trousers look.

Mens Tight Pants for Sexy Guys: Male Fashion Trends Watch. Posted 19 April 2010. Updated 1 June 2017.