designer blue suits for men

Blue Suits For Men: Roberto Cavalli Menswear Collection. Who says you can’t be more adventurous when you go for blue suits? Blue suits need not always be your lawyerly dark blue suit, you know? Check out these different shades of blue suits from the 2011 Roberto Cavalli Springwear collection. They’re quite shiny, no?Read More →

boys in suits - shawn mendes in balenciaga

Boys in Suits. Looking for tips on the best kind of suit for yourself or the young man you are buying the suit for? Well, first of all, there’s only one tip when it comes to men’s suits: find the right fit! Boys in suits look great if their outfit is neither too tight nor too loose. So buy a suit that fits the body well. Better yet, get it tailored. A custom-made bespoke suit is your best bet because it is made according to the person’s specific measurements.Read More →