Tweed Suits For Men Update: More Tweed-Lovin’ Celebrities. Other famous male celebrities spotted rocking their tweed suits include our imaginary boyfriend Chris Pine, music legend Rod Stewart, and British actor Andrew Hayden Smith.

First, here’s Chris looking gorgeous as usual in his Ralph Lauren two-piece tweed suit. Want more of Chris? Check out our post on this Chris Pine Leather Pants.

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Are Pinstripe Suits In or Out of Fashion: Menswear Style Watch Men’s fashion question of the day: Are pinstripe suits still fashionable this year and the coming years to come? Our answer: Yes it is. But don’t wear a colorful suit with big stripes to a job interview unless you are applying to be the next Austin Powers in which case you should go ahead and buy yourself a multi-colored big-striped suit.

pinstripe suits in or out - austin powers suit

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