Skinny Jeans Still In Fashion? Or Are They Out of Style? Are skinny jeans for men in or out? Are they still fashionable now and in the coming years or have they gone out of style? What do we Famewatchers think? Deena’s says skinny jeans are still “in”, Kevin agrees, Pim agrees, and the newest member of the group Toby also agrees. Well that’s a unanimous consensus which is a rare thing in a group of four opinionated people.

Although Pim wishes that skinny jeans, because of its bad health effects, will go the way of the dodo, it looks like her wish won’t be fulfilled because the style – beloved by young celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Zac Efron – has become mainstream.

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Zac Efron Skinny Jeans Brand Choices: Zac Fashion Style Watch. Zac Efron sure does love him his skinny jeans, no? He’s usually caught on camera wearing a pair of skin tight jeans that, well, that might be bad for the circulation to his “down area”. Seriously, what could be the effect of wearing tight jeans to one’s health? Someone should do a study on this, don’t you think? In fact, we think it is a more worthwhile project than what those people we reported earlier who are wasting a lot of time to compete for the world’s best brain title.

zac efron skinny jeans

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Men in Tight Jeans. This post is for Famewatchers – like Deena’s friend Marian – who love them their celebrity jeans. Well, we ourselves like guys in jeans but we caution men who wear skinny jeans to not overdo it. After all, there are studies out there which conclude that tight jeans can be bad for your health.

For instance, did you know that restrictive jeans can cause what experts call the tingling thigh syndrome? Read about it in an earlier post we published way back in 2009 on Skinny Jeans’ Health Effect.

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