Thom Browne Leather Shoes for Men. Although we blog about men’s wear and women’s wear and that kind of stuff, we must admit that we are not fans of the outlandish creations of fashion designers. Why, we wonder, do they make stuff that no one in their right mind is going to buy and wear?

Like this one, for instance. Why would a guy want to dress up as a polka-dotted dalmatian? Seriously?

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Granit Xhaka Under Armour Shoes. Early this year, Under Armour signed an endorsement deal with Swiss football star Granit Xhaka. Here’s what Under Armour VP executive Peter Murray says about one of their newest endorsers:

Granit is a hugely exciting young footballer who has an incredible future ahead of him. We felt his relentless and determined style on the pitch matched our brand values. We plan to provide him with best-in-class gear to reach his goals.

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jean luc bilodeau - long coat by heidi slimane

Jean Luc Bilodeau Fashion. Winter is coming, winter is coming, go buy yourself a long coat like the one Baby Daddy star Jean Luc Bilodeau is wearing in the above photo courtesy of Indonesia’s Da Man Magazine ( For those who are wondering, the long coat as well as the rest of the ensemble is from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Oh, the sunglasses are from the John Varvatos collection.

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